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When I wrote Clear, it was a solitary experience. The only person who read anything from it before it was published, was my Editor. During the process of writing the book, I spent a lot of time thinking and reworking my message in the hope that it would be helpful to people. It felt best, creatively, to keep the book close and not share it until I felt it was a finished product. (Although, I quickly came to realize it will never be finished because this is going to evolve into so many things.) I didn’t want to be influenced by any outside force, because I wanted it to be sculpted by my hands and finessed (aka grammar checked) by my trusted Editor.

So, I spent days alone writing. Nights writing in hotels. Airplane rides writing. I didn’t do much in four months of working on Clear, except – write, work, eat: repeat. I didn’t see many people. I didn’t go out unless and I had to. I barely exercised, except for long leisure walks to work out ideas in my head. I even ate a lot of pizza so I wouldn’t have to cook. (Even us Health Coaches are susceptible to life.) I missed most of the beautiful summer in the Hudson Valley, and…. I was so damn happy about it all!

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Putting It Out In The World

The book was published in late fall. At this point, people are just finishing to read their copies. I could never have anticipated the feedback I would get. I enjoy hearing and seeing what people think and the actions they take because of Clear. I welcome all feedback so I can continue to improve my message and help you learn what you want to know around clutter, simplifying your life and living more fearlessly. (Make sure to tag photos on social media with #clearbook, so I can find you.)

InkYoungLife Blog

My fellow health peer, Inkeri Young of InkYoungLife, wrote this great blog you need to check out about how Clear influenced her. I highly respect Ink and her work in the health & fitness industry. She promotes in an EffortLESS lifestyle for Permanent Best Body and Life, plus #GYOOB (Get Your A** Out Of Bed) morning workouts. Ha! So, it was an honor to have her write about Clear. Here is a little snippet to wet your whistle-

“This book is easy to read and actionable so no matter how much or little time you would like to use to get “clear” it will work for you.

When Annick says: “Owning less and carefully curating your environment with needed possessions enhances your life and is incredibly freeing. It allows beauty to shine in and gives you the space to be fearless.”

 I cannot but scream YES!

We know that willpower is limited and in order to focus more energy on other things such as achieving better health, we need to find ways to simplify our life as is. Often there are tasks that we just cannot get away from doing, but there is a way for us to spend a less energy on those tasks than what we currently are. I think that this is were many can make a huge impact with the direction from this book.” Inkeri Young

Go to InkYoungLife to read the full blog. Ink is also doing a giveaway where you can win a FREE SIGNED copy of Clear! Drawing ends Saturday January 24th 2015 at 10pm. So, don’t dilly dally. Get you’re your hinny over there and enter to win!!!

Who doesn’t love a free book?! Plus,… it is signed by moi.

If you have read the book, let me know what you love/hate about the book, in the comments below. If you haven’t read it yet, let me know why this book is of interest to you.

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