Interview with Blissful Bites Podcast

I love having the opportunity to connect with women entrepreneurs and of course, talk about my book CLEAR: How to Simplify Your Life & Live More Fearlessly.

When the opportunity to connect with Nicole Culver of Blissful Bites Podcast came up, I said, “Heck Yeah!”

6270-3c31-9e43-0b8e.jpgNicole is mompreneur who developed Blissful Eats, a delicious granola line. In addition, she helps women through her coaching practice figure out their goals and make a strategic plan to reach them, whether those goals are health and wellness, business or a hybrid of both. She also happens to be a podcaster. Yup, Nicole does a lot and always makes it look effortless! And, did I mention she’s as sweet as can be?

So, it was an absolute pleasure to connect with her and talk about CLEAR™, clutter, building a brand, and healthy living.

You can listen HERE to the episode titled:

“What keeps you from having clarity with Annick Magac”

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What you’re going to learn from this episode:

    • How your environment affects your business + personal life.
    • How to align your environment to support your health and wellness.
    • How to question your reality and environment to break out of your impacted thinking.
    • Tips on clearing your environment

Listen to the episode HERE!

Let me know, below, if this resonated with you.

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