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I’m Not Sorry

Are you sorry? I mean, really sorry?! Then, why do you always apologize for everything?   Today, I want to talk to my sisters, specifically. But men- listen up, because we need your help. There is this tendency for women to over-apologize about…. evvvvvvverything!   Scenarios   Ladies, do you find that you apologize for things like-   A friend […]

Take Massive Action! Or… Maybe Not

Scrolling through social media, it is inevitable that you will come across some of these sayings- Take Massive Action! Work Harder Daily Grind How much action are you going to take this week? Hustle! You would think from all these memes that you’re the laziest person in the world and need a kick in the […]

Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Come join me for a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Kingston, NY — Friday May 27th. I will be signing books from 6pm to 8pm. It would be a pleasure to meet you! UPDATE Thank you for those of you who attended. It was great to put names to faces and to meet […]

Interview with the Alpha Female Podcast

I’ve been called an Alpha Female once or twice in my life, for good and bad… Heh, heh. But, I consider it a HIGH honor to stand among these women interviewed of The Alpha Female Podcast by Robyn Baldwin. Robyn’s definition of an Alpha Female is as follows: Definition of an Alpha Female An Alpha […]