Are You Healthy?

We humans love to talk about our ailments.

Ask someone how he or she is doing and they’ll typically launch right into what is wrong.

It even happens with the healthiest people.

I’m at the gym and I see a friend in phenomenal shape, clear skin, and shiny hair.

How’s it going?!

Oh! My butt! It hurts so much. I did too many squats yesterday and I can’t sit or stand! (Small violin starts playing in the background.)

So, what if you really have some issues going on?

You are dealing with adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, arthritis, pulled muscles, cancer, chronic illness, etc? Then what?

When you have issues, it is hard not to think about them. They impact your life and the people around you. The issues continually show up in all aspects of what you do or need to do. They impact everything.

Victim Mindset

Society loves a victim. We know and understand how to deal with them. We can rally around a victim. We show them support. They get a lot of attention. There is hope that they’ll have a change for the better. We’re taught young to be victims.

The problem is, to be a victim means that you are not empowered.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make me feel good about myself. I like to feel powerful.

When you think of yourself as having issues and then start to live around those issues, the issues truly start to take hold and become more than you, bigger than you. Then, they become you.

[Tweet “We are really good at believing our stories.”]

When I was dealing with leaky gut and adrenal fatigue, it was hard not to completely give into it. It took almost two years to work through the healing.

It was hard to go from being in incredible shape to barely getting off the couch and gaining a ton of weight. I was losing my sense of self and believing the stories I was telling that – I might not heal from this. I guess I’m the leaky gut/ adrenal Lady.

My healing changed when I changed my mindset

One day, I was listening to a client talk about all her aliments. She was really getting into it and focusing all her energy on the symptoms. Your body is a physical manifestation of your mind. Issues and trauma show up as illness. She was losing her sense of self and becoming just about her physical problems. She didn’t really want to look at what the root of the problem was. Most of us don’t.

It’s much easier to fix a broken bone then to figure out why we are continually getting hurt.

The part that was glaring out to me was- she was saying that she was unhealthy over and over again. Not outright, but in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

You know how much we keep internally and don’t say out loud. I can only imagine what her internal dialogue was like around this.

How can we heal when we only are our illness? How can we be empowered when we are always the victim?

The Change

In the middle of her talking, I blurted out,


What would happen if you said instead of “I have Hashimotos and all these problems”, that “I am healthy”?

She got silent and replied- But… I’m not healthy.

I asked, Is it because you don’t want to be healthy?

And then, she started to cry.

This happens with clients and is a good indication that a shift has occurred. Sometimes, you just don’t have the words and you just need to get it out. She made a huge shift that day and truly started on her healing path. It was much different than how she went about it before.

Your clients are the lessons you need to learn.

I took a dose of my own medicine. I stopped that day, as much as possible, talking about my stomach issues and started to say- I AM HEALTHY.

Technically, it was true. If my stomach region was the part hurting and it encompasses about 10% of my body at most, that means 90% of me was healthy. So yeah- overall I was pretty healthy!

We get hung up on focusing our energy in the wrong direction.

The rate in which I healed, afterwards, was far quicker.

I felt truly empowered. I had decided to stop viewing myself in the negative and as a victim of the issues. It feels powerful to say-

[Tweet “I AM HEALTHY!”]

Everyone else is complaining about how they’re not. It feels really damn good to be in the minority- PHYSICALLY and mentally.

So, I challenge you to try it out. The next time you feel tempted to unload on someone all your physical problems, pause and tell yourself-


Try it! Feel the shift?

At the very least, you’ll have a much more interesting conversation than hearing about someone’s shin splints.

Let me know how it works for you below and use #iamhealthy and #annickmagac so I can find you on social media being…. HEALTHY.

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