How-To Use Gratitude and Self-Acceptance to Heal and Grow

Dr. Julius Torelli is the best known, unknown man in the Fitness industry. He has been a long time ‘thought mentor’ to many fitness coaches, alternative and traditional Doctors, and patients. The unknown part is a bit – tongue-in-cheek. Julius does his mentoring privately, by word of mouth and rarely uses Social Media. Julius sits down with Annick to discuss …

Intermission of The FEROCE Sessions : Season One

Annick takes a short break to give an update on what is going on with the show, why it’s named The FEROCE Sessions and to thank YOU for watching. If you enjoy these sessions, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Annick’s YouTube Channel and leave comments on what topics you’d like to see more of! Thanks for watching!

Exploring Self Hate

In this episode, Jipala R. Kagan visits The FEROCE Sessions for the second time. This time, they cover exploring self hate. While this may be a tough topic to look at, Jipala and Annick explore how it can be a point of empowerment and freedom. Check it out! If you are curious about the first episode Jipala was on, check …

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